Future of Employment in India 2022 - E&Y Survey report

Date :2019-06-19

The future of jobs in 2022 in India will be determined by the country’s response to the inevitable impact created by the interplay of three primary forces - globalization, demographic changes and the adoption of Industry 4.0 exponential technologies by Indian industries. The report offers corporations, students, policy makers and educationists a consolidated view of the impact these various primary forces are expected to have on the key sectors of the economy.


 E&Y Survey report- https://bit.ly/2t7wrp0

Education & Employment

Date :2019-06-19

The higher your level of education is, the more likely you are to find work. But the focus should be on multi-disciplinary development instead of just earning livelihood. Technology, especially work automation is impacting all forms of employment today. To keep pace it is not just technology professionals but all workers to continuously re skill themselves. It is no longer about getting an academic qualification in your youth and then working without further investment in skills.


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  2. Link between education and how much you earn- http://bit.ly/2KVtwaX