Work & Hobbies

Date :2019-05-02

Work & hobbies, two terms mixed often but have huge distinction in both meaning and logic. A balance between WORK & HOBBIES but actually we do both, for the same reasons- 

A) Economic - To make money / profits

B) Passion – For the love of it

C) Curiosity – To learn & gain new knowledge

ETYMOLOGY of HOBBY– circa 1550-\\\"child\\\'s toy riding horse\\\" i.e., an activity that doesn’t go anywhere. If a person starts to get benefit from his hobby actually he has already changed it to work. 

Work is the one we do for living, to earn so that we can fulfill our basic amenities and even beyond it. This beyond is what includes our hobbies. The things we pursue outside our regular occupation especially for relaxation, pleasure, distraction or mild curiosity. A hobby is something we do in our spare time and is thus not scheduled as our work. The other major difference is the goal for each, whether it is ambition or enjoyment. Your work requires commitment to make progress and to excel over time with efforts & training. Hobbies rejuvenates you for a balanced life.


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